Pediatrics is commonly associated with physical therapy. Here at Purcellville Orthopedic Physical Therapy we are dedicated to our younger customers in the area. At Purcellville Orthopedic we understand the issues related to our areas pediatric population and we will treat with the utmost in care and discretion.

A Custom Approach to Pediatrics and Therapy
We know that younger customers' injuries are often similar, but treatment may vary due to their age. That's why our pediatrics services help us develop unique treatment for each patient that we see, that will work for each stage in a young patient's development. At Purcellville Orthopedic, we understand that not all treatments are created the same. Our goal is to draft a custom plan of action for each younger patient to ensure that their injury will go away quickly, and go away for good.

Sprain/Strain Recovery & Prevention:
These terms refer to ligament and muscle injuries. Trauma causes most ligament sprains and muscle strains. Our clinics are well equipped with the most commonly practiced modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis and heat/ cold applications. Research has shown these therapies to be beneficial in the acute healing process. Modality coupled with early intervention exercise is the best approach to timely healing from acute traumatic injuries. Our knowledge of proper muscle activity and therapeutic exercise training can help you avoid unforeseen injury by optimizing muscle strength and endurance.

Scoliosis Treatment Programs:
Did you know that scoliosis is most common in adolescent females and can be prevented? This idiopathic scoliosis is mostly related to weakness throughout the hip and pelvis musculature. If your hips and abdominal muscles are weaker on one side, they can result in a compensatory curvature of your spine. This form of scoliosis can be prevented and even corrected with the proper exercises. Coupled with poor posture and heavy backpacks this age group is often suffering with back or neck pain.